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Register for Paper and co show Saturday , April 1st.

Download the registration form.

Tuition :

  • 250 euros per student.
  • 225 euros for Issy citizens and members of other associations located in Issy.
  • 220 euros for Les p'tits bouts de papier members.

Down payment required to register : hundred (100) euros. Balance is due by june 30, 2006. No refunds after june 25th. All refunds before that date incur a fifty (50) euros processing fee.

You can pay by check in euros (from a french bank), by banking transfer or by paypal (but you have to include the paypal surcharge).

Including :

  • access to shops and crop room and tools lended by sponsors and partners.
  • ten (10) classes to be choosen in the list (here)
  • participation to all games, challenges and contests proposed by Paper and co team (individual or team) and goodies.
  • participation to door prizes.

It doesn't include travel, lodging nor food.

Early bird

If you register according to form terms, before April, the 30th you'll have a chance to win a coupon (150 euros) available in our partners shops during the show.

You are invited to join a team (8 members) for tables in crop room and for some team challenges.

A yahoo group for all the students will help you to organize your journey and find your team. Open in april.

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