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Anémone Boscherini 

With a background in publicity, Anémone Boscherini is introduced to scrapbooking in 2001at the time of a craft show. She loves the "homemade" concept and dives in a univers combining textures and techniques to express her creativity in her albums. In march 2004 she becomes a CKU Alumni with Creating Keepsakes magazine. Living now in South of France, she works in creating new scrapbooking products for european market and is a contributor to the book series "Variations sur un thème" for Toga Edition.


Sonia Borella 

As a child, Sonia Borella is a craft "dabbler". Colors and materials are her favourite. Few time later she adds photography to her list. In 2001 she discovers scrapbooking during a craf show. Nothing's better to put together her passions and her need of creativity. She's graduate of Boulle School and interior architect. 2003 new year, new job she becomes free lance and gives demonstrations and workshops. She co-authored the book "Des étiquettes et des enveloppes" for Toag Edition and is a contributor to the french scrapbooking magazine Histoires de Pages and is involved in many projects this year. Wife and mother of two, she lives in Paris area and works with all her creativity to developp french and european scrapbooking ... with passion.

Her blog : http://www.toga-scrapbooking.com/espacecreatif-3.html


Donna Downey

Donna Downey is the trends editor and QVC personality for Simple Scrapbooks magazine. As author of the innovative book series, Yes, It's a Scrapbook! she is a self-proclaimed "paper-product junkie," and excitedly took to scrapbooking as an extension of her paper, product and photography addiction. As Trends Editor for Simple Scrapbooks magazine, she enjoys using and implementing the latest and greatest in the industry while maintaining her simplistic style. A former elementary school teacher, Donna is now a stay-at-home mom to her three children, McKenna, Payton and Cole. Originally from the Jersey shore, she now lives in North Carolina, where she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling across the globe teaching at scrapbook stores and events, and stealing away a little quiet time for herself to scrapbook.

 Her blog http://donnadowney.typepad.com  


Emily Falconbridge

Emily Falconbridge is an australian gal currently living in the crazy city of Los Angeles with her scientist husband and fun-loving 3 year old daughter. Her love for creating began as a young girl, and in the past few years Emily has been teaching, writing articles and designing in the scrapbook industry, and loves to share ideas and connect with others with similar passion. Her style is fun and free, and her favourite thing to do is get messy with art supplies and random objects along with her own handwriting to create fun albums and journals for her family to enjoy. She loves to try out new things and discover more about herself through this amazing hobby.Emily's work can be seen in various scrapbook magazines including scrapbook creations and scrapbook answers, she co-authored the book Card Art and is a contributing artist on 2 new autumn leaves books (freestyle and DW type). She also designed a line of paper for captured elements based on her love for colour and all things eastern!Emily believes that we are all on our own artistic journey and there is no such thing as 'i am not creative'! she hopes to help those in her classes tap into their deeper artistic ability and have some fun in the process!

 Her blog http://www.embers.typepad.com  


Rhonna Farrer

Rhonna loves creating & expressing a little part of herself in her art. Her passion is to work with color & textures. As a wife & mother of 3 young children she is constantly being inspired by life. She loves to capture life's images in her art & express them in her greeting cards, gift bag & gift wrap designs. She has worked with many companies & has many published cards & bags.  But, her scrapbook pages are her favorite. She feels that she can combine 2 things that are so dear to her: family & art. She was inducted into the Creating Keepsakes' Hall of Fame in 2004 & is a digital scrapbooker.  She uses her digital art to design her "Dreamy" & "Scribbles" lines with Autumn Leaves. She also loves working with 2 peas in a bucket as a Garden Girl & designing digital kits for this site. She loves to work with both traditional & digital scrapbookers, teaching & inspiring others.  She is the lead artist on the "Designing With Digital" book from Autumn Leaves where she & other artists teach scrapbookers how to use the computer as a scrapbooking tool in creating ART.  She has also been published in other Designing With books, Creating Keepsakes, Better Homes & Garden's Scrapbook, Etc., Simple Scrapbooks, Legacy, Digital Scrapbooking Magazine, & Memory Makers. She is currently involved in many exciting projects, so be on the lookout!


Her blog http://rhonnafarrer.typepad.com


Elsie Flannigan 

Elsie Flannigan is a creative soul! She loves to scrapbook and make art that
celebrates family and life! She is a frequent contributor to Creating Keepsakes magazine and a garden girl for www.twopeasinabucket.com. She is also a member of the KI Memories design team and is featured in several upcoming Autumn Leaves books. When Elsie isn't scrapbooking, she enjoys cooking, antique shopping and taking photos!

Her blog http://elsieflannigan.blogspot.com


Marie-Dominique Gambini

Chemical engineer with an MBA, Marie-Dominique Gambini has always have a soft spot for manual activities.After working for Elf Aquitaine group as a commercial engineer, she moved with her family to Boston in 95 where her husband has a 3-year contract. Soon she finds out about scrapbooking in California where this activity is already a revolution. Coming back to Massachussets, she becomes a member of a rare group of scrappers in East Coast and gets published in an american magazine, this is a  first for a New-England resident . May 97, her layout with provencal wedding rings is on the front page of Memory Markers magazine. Once in France by the end of 98, she has the "scrapbooking virus" and gives it away in Lyon's area first and after a tv show, all over the country. She writes the first book in french in 2002 and an other one 18 months later. By the end of 2004, she becomes the founding editor of Histoires de Pages to unify the French-speaking world of scrapbooking (Swiss, Belgian, Québec and French). Today they come from all over Europe to learn the "scrapbooking made in Lyon".


Céline Hidalgo

Céline Hidalgo is a 30-year-old young mother. Project manager, she lives two years in Québec where her passion for crafts changed her life. There, she owns her store and gives workshops in Montréal area, even been interviewed two times for Radio Canada, a national TV channel, to illustrate the development of scrapbooking in this "belle province".  Self-taught artist and back in France, she’s involved in scrapbooking development by teaching scrapbooking and mixed media classes but mainly with the organization of Paper and co Show, an international scrapbooking convention. She’s been published in “Mastering Scrapbook Page Design” with Michelle Gerbrandt from Memory Makers and she’s working as consultant in scrapbooking industry. Involved in many fun and huge projects this year, you may see her work very soon.

 Her blog http://celinehidalgo.canalblog.com


Manuéla Jamet

Manuéla already used her fingers in her hobbies when she founds out scrapbooking three years ago. Soon she was fond of scrapbooking leaving behind her world of puppets, mosaïc, modeling and sewing. She loves looking for new textures and new effects. Rubberstamps and inks are her favorite, for sure, but she also enjoys to nose about in notions stores, crafts supplies and even her kids scholar stuff! She never misses an occasion to explore a new technique or a new support. Today she shares her time between her family, her job as educator and scrapbooking. She is a contribute writer for Histoires de Pages and is a member of A page in a time DT. Her first book "Le scrapbooking côté récup' : trésors de couturières" willbe released soon at MDG editions.

Her blog http://couleur-scrap.over-blog.com/ 


Vanessa Lepart

Vanessa Lepart discovered scrapbooking about two years ago when she moved to Paris. From the begining she was a scrap addict and gets involved heart and soul in this hobby. She studies at “l’Ecole du scrap” and even becomes a teacher with her “Scrap bidule” workshops. Since then she works for many events such as product demonstrations (Xyron ...), workshops and classes for adults and even children. She’s also a contributor for one of the french scrapbooking magazine. She’s up to something ... be ready to find out by september 2006.

Her blog : http://vanessalepart.over-blog.com






Kerrin Quall

Kerrin Quall began scrapbooking four years ago, and has been published in several magazines in both Australia and America. In 2004 Pride Publishing released her first book - The Textured Scrapbook . With a background in adult education, Kerrin loves having the opportunity to combine her teaching skills with scrapbooking. Known for her love of colour and the homemade charm she adds to her scrapbook pages, she prides herself in being able to create detailed layouts that follow simple design principles. Kerrin’s work is seen regularly in For Keeps Creative Scrapbooking magazine. 

Her blog http://kerrinquall.typepad.com 


Marie-Sophie Simon

Marie-Sophie Simon found out scrapbooking six years ago while flipping through her american friend's scrapbook.Really attracted by this way to show up photos, she gives her a try with a european sensitivity. In 2001, she met Martine Carlier, a photographer passionate with pictures and they write together two best sellers in french for beginners in scrapbooking, Fleurus editions. Pages after pages, Marie-Sophie improve her layouts with graphic design. She a mother of three and lives in Rome, Italy where she's the manager of TOGA, a european scrapbooking manufacturer.


Kirsty Wiseman

My name is Kirsty and I am both a photographer and a scrapbooker.  What better way of combining a hobby in such a complimentry way.  I write for two UK magazines on design, photography, scrapbooking and cardmaking plus I run my photography business from home.  I also teach at various events and retreats all over the United Kingdom  The passion for these elements is spurred on by having a loving family who in turn allow me to share my enthusiasm with others to both teach and inspire. When I am not doing any of the above you can find me snuggling up to my beautiful daughter and making more memories.

Her blog : www.limegreenbogiegirl.blogspot.com

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