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 Saturday 7Sunday 8Monday 9
9.00 pm 10.30 pm
Design notions and color harmony
All about me (F)
Surprise ! (F)
Stamp with creativity (F)
Home deco
Freeze frame
100 ways to be inspired (F)
A deck of you
1001 ways to play with a template
Art Attack (F)
10.35 pm 12.05 pm

Weird, did you say weird? (F)
One year, one album  (F)
All about me (F)
Colour chic (F)
Miniature masterpieces (F)

12.00 pm 1.00 am
1.00 am 2.30 am
Stiches and fabric scraps (F) 
3 R's (F)
Christmas present (F)
Templates and design
Creative stamping techniques
Stiches and fabric scraps (F)
See it clearly(F)
Surprise ! (F)
3D mosaïc
A book in a box
Designing with your hand writing (F)
Playing card mini book
Colour chic
Stamp with creativity
Art Attack (F)

2.35 am 4.05 am

What about sketches?
Photos : get dressed ! (F)
Christmas present
Mini book Sunny days 
Pedal to the metal (F)
4.10 am 5.40 am
Love letters (F)
100 ways to be inspired (F)
See it clearly (F)
Journal with colour (F)
Miniature masterpieces

Designing with your handwriting (F)
Freeze frame (F)
100 ways to be inspired (F)
3 R's (F)
Journal with colour (F) 

5.45 am 7.15 am
Love letters
Playing card mini book (F)
3 R's (F)
Journal with colour (F)
3D mosaïc
7.15 am 8.30 am
8.30 am 9.30 am
9.45 am 11.00 am

(F) :  full class

Please note that "weird, did you say weird? " and "One year, one album" count as two classes instead of one from 10.35 am to 12.55 am and there will be a lot of supplies.

Check in : you will receive your tickets for your classes and a goodie bag. If you want to enter the layout contest (see details here), please don't forget to register.

Check out : Scrapbooking stores will close at 4.30 and gates will close at 5.00.

Lunch and dinner : Several restaurants, fast foods and bakeries in the PACI area.
We invite you to come for the group picture saturday the 7th of october 2006 at 7.15 am.

Show time and games : Introducing our sponsors, partners, Paper and co show team and first night of games and contests.

Games and awards : Second night for games, awards, medias and official tour.

Crop, crop, crop, crop, crop : Take benefit of this special to finish your layouts and try new tools such as Ellison's or Xyron's.


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