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*** Stiches and fabric scraps *** avec Anémone Boscherini

In this class, I will show you how to add personality to your scrapbook with fabrics, ribbons, stiches and embroidery. That’s the perfect way to work with material and relief on your layout!


*** Be a sketch scrapper *** avec Anémone Boscherini

Looking for inspiration? In this class we will discover the secret meaning of sketches, exploring differnt ways to adopt it for our layout and so become a sketch scrapper.
*** Freezeframe mini album *** avec Donna Downey
Use custom created chipboard frames to create a dynamic photo display album.
*** Decor *** avec Donna Downey
Display your favorite photos with "love" as we use your photos and journaling to create a little piece of heartfelt photo decor.  
*** One year, one album”...done! *** avec Donna Downey

Simply bring all the photos you have for 5 individual events from 2005 and i will lay the groundwork showing you how to easily scrapbook an entire year in one handmade album...really i am not kidding! 

*** 100 ways to be inspired! *** avec Elsie Flannigan

In this class i will share 100 ways to be inspired and we will create a decorative jar to hold them in! That way, you can use them anytime you are needing some inspiration and ideas!!! :)

*** “All about me" layout class  *** avec Elsie Flannigan

In this class we will create a fun layout that shares your passions, your loves and the things that make you unique! 

*** Playing card mini book! *** avec Elsie Flannigan

We will use jumbo playing cards to create a fun minibook that celebrates the special people in your life! This is a project you can carry in your purse and you will want to share all the time!!!

*** Journal with Colour *** avec Kerrin Quall

Journaling plays such enormous part in the message of your scrapbooks, however it often takes back seat to pretty papers and embellishments. In this class you can have your pretty layout and your journaling too! Join Kerrin Quall as she shows you how to create a wonderful hidden journaling folder to hold your innermost thoughts and dreams. Using the versatile and colourful Scrapworks range, you will create a layout that contains the perfect mix of photos, words and decoration. In this inspiring and information packed class, Kerrin will share with you her tips on journaling and design to create perfect balance in your albums.

*** Colour Chic *** avec Kerrin Quall

Bold colour does not have to equal graphic layouts! Take this journey with Kerrin Quall as she shows you how to experiment with bold colours, mixed with a sprinkle of feminine chic. Using the amazing colour palette from Scrapworks, you will not only create a wonderfully textured layout full of colour and warmth, you will leave with a new found love of colour. As you work, Kerrin will share her secrets on how colour speaks to her through her layouts and will inspire you to add a little more colour to your world.

*** Christmas present *** avec Manuéla Jamet
Ready ? Manuéla will show you how to create a beautiful box for your CDs, with pockets and great folding techniques.

*** Stamp with creativity *** avec Manuéla Jamet

Manuéla will share with you her secrets to create a beautiful layout from background to embellishments using a white cardstock, stamps and wonderful stamping techniques and products.

*** 3D Mosaic *** avec Marie-Dominique Gambini

3-D mosaic is a kind of mosaic but the effect is unbelievable ! Imagine your pictures like you were ready to dive in !!! Come and join Marie-Dominique for this technical class to add interest to your pictures and your design!

***Rolled Paper frame *** avec Marie-Dominique Gambini
This is the ideal technique to highlight one photo. Double frame will cover a main part of your layout but this great technique will bring you some “ohh” and  “ahhh” .... This is a must-try !!!
*** Miniature Masterpieces *** avec Rhonna Farrer
Fun. Small & Exciting! 
We will have an artistic adventure, creating small works of art on tiny canvases.  You will leave the class with 1-3 Artist Trading Cards, to begin trading & showcasing. You will be addicted to these little gems!
*** Art attack *** avec Rhonna Farrer
Play. Experiment. Create.

We will have an artistic adventure, creating mini art journals.  We will discover the benefits of daily ‘playing’ with our art.  You will leave with a basic journal, ready for daily experimentation on creativity. 

*** Creative stamping techniques *** avec Sonia Borella
Using exciting products from Stampendous you will add effects to your stamped images. Sonia will share with you her tips on stamping effects.
*** Pedal to the metal *** avec Sonia Borella

Whether you are working on a layout, a mini book or even a card, Sonia will show you how you can work with metal no matter its origin. With cool techniques you will learn to give relief and add shining effects to your homemade embellishments, borders, tags ...

*** A book in a box *** avec Sonia Borella

Present to offer or to keep for yourself 

Have fun with this box and express yourself using creative and artistic techniques to embellish it. You will leave with a wonderful box ready to receive one of your minibook. Sonia will share with you some of her cool techniques with paints, emellishements and more. 
*** Designing with your hand writing *** with Céline Hidalgo
Are you right-handed or left-handed? In fact it doesn't really matter because in this class we are going to explore some writing tools properties, most of them are homemade.I will show you how to add your own touch on your titles and your journalings with your own "fashioned" writing and doodles. Prepare yourself for fun!
*** Photos : get dressed ! *** with Céline Hidalgo
Wether they are in black and write or in color, your photographs need sometimes a little help to catch the attention. In this class, I will share with you some tips and techniques to play with your pictures using different media to make them stay the focus point of your layout!
*** Weird, did you say weird? *** with Céline Hidalgo
In this class, I will show you how you can make an interactive mini book. Fold beautiful pattern papers, add some tips and here you go with a small object very amazing and surprising.
*** Design notions and color harmony *** with Céline Hidalgo
Get out of your comfort zone and stay "balanced" in the same time! We will discover basic notions of design and color harmony to open our mind to new perspectives and we will work with uncommon color palettes!
*** 3R'S *** with Emily Falconbridge
Who said art was expensive? Come along and learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle found objects and out of the box products to create a cool and unique album. You will need to bring an old hardback book to class which will be altered and 'junked up' using simple and creative techniques. You will complete the album cover in class, leaving you with a delicious blank book to fill with memories or give away as a gift.
*** A deck of you *** with Emily Falconbridge
Using a deck of cards as a base, we will create a year long art journal full of inspiration, techniques and ideas for unlocking your creative spirit!
*** See it clearly *** with Emily Falconbridge
In this class we will make and bind our own unique album using acetate and other out of the box supplies. This funky, interactive album will be perfect to display your favourite photos and have sitting on a shelf at home for decration and inspiration!
*** Designing with templates *** with Marie-Sophie Simon

By sharing with you my tips with templates I am going to show you how versatile ad rich they are. How could you put your photos in the right place? How could you play with colors, large view or portrait? Templates will help you to create beautiful layouts each time very different but so attractive !!!

*** 1001 ways to use a template *** with Marie-Sophie Simon
What about a new designer's eye on this plastic sheets called templates? I will show you how you can use them to create beautiful layout but in an altered way, like for background or by mixing techniques : paper / stamping / sewing / writing .... No rules ! Everything's OK !
*** Tips and techniques of a photographer*** with Kirsty Wiseman
Come and share secrets of a home studio, light control, portrait session ...
*** Surprise !*** with Kerrin Quall
In this class, Kerrin wants to surprise us ... so come and let her be your guide :)
*** Home deco !*** with Vanessa Lepart

Come and have fun using Distress ink A LOT over canvas 

*** Mini book Remember the sunny days !*** with Vanessa Lepart
A lot of summer pictures? Vanessa will show you how to feel the sunbeams even in fall days !!!

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